M1 (Pro, Max) 搭載 Mac Book Pro

グラフィック性能やメモリアクセス速度が強化された新型Mac Book Proが発表されました。

新しいMac Book ProはMac MiniやMac Book Airと同じM1シリーズを搭載していますが、
性能が引き上げられたM1 (Pro, Max)となっています。
M1 ProはM1と比較してGPUコアが2倍の16コア
M1 MaxはM1と比較してGPUコアが4倍の32コアとなっています。

M1 Maxのグラフィック性能はPS5に近い性能のようですね。



キーボードもTouch Barが廃止されて物理ファンクションキーが復活しています。

同日 macOS Monterey の配信も行われるようです。


A new colorful iMac introduced by Apple

Recently, Apple released a new dramatic iMac redesign, making the design thinner with a variety of colorful designs and these are so eye-catching. Naturally, the latest version of the 24-inch all-in-one desktop is based on the company’s new proprietary M1 chips.

Image credit : Apple

The display has a 4.5K Retina display, along with a 1080p camera which is a pretty good move. I am always wondering when they will improve this and this finally has come. The company is also working on audio and video more seriously. True Tone is naturally on board for better color balance, and the sound has been enhanced with the six-speaker setup. The display features 11.3 million pixels, a P3 color gamut, and 500 nits of brightness. Like the latest iMac models, it features an anti-reflective coating to reduce screen glare.

According to the company, the new iMacs are significantly thinner and the total volume is cut in half. The rear is also flat rather than a curved design. They are also using a new chip that enables much faster performance than previous models, a huge performance boost. The company says it’s up to 85% faster than the latest model, along with a GPU that’s up to twice as fast and triples machine learning.

There are four USB-C ports, including two Thunderbolts, for faster speed and a new magnetic power adapter that also offers 1Gbps Ethernet. The system comes in seven colors. There are also some new accessories for the system, including a new colorful Magic Keyboard that supports built-in TouchID.

I am also hoping for larger 27inch version soon.


Microsoft buys Nuance for nearly $20 billion deal

Microsoft said it agreed to buy Nuance Communications, a cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) software company, in a cash transaction valued at $ 19.7 billion, including debt on Monday.

So what is Nuance ?

“Nuance provides the artificial intelligence layer at the point of healthcare delivery and is a pioneer in the real-world application of enterprise artificial intelligence” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a statement. “Artificial intelligence is the highest priority in technology and healthcare is most urgent application.”

Nuance products include multiple clinical speech recognition as a service (SaaS) software offerings built on Microsoft Azure. The company’s solutions work with major healthcare systems and are currently used in 77% of US hospitals, noted in a statement of him.

Beyond healthcare, Nuance provides expertise in artificial intelligence and customer engagement solutions in interactive voice response, virtual assistants, and digital and biometric solutions.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nuance builds on the existing partnership between the companies announced in 2019 to help transform healthcare delivery. Last year, the software giant introduced Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to address the needs of the rapidly transforming and growing healthcare industry.

This combination might results solutions and expertise to deliver new cloud and artificial intelligence capabilities in healthcare and other industries, and represent the latest step in Microsoft’s industry-specific cloud strategy, the Redmond-based company noted.


Unrar for macOS

Today I will talk about unrar for the people who are using macOS , can’t open rar file as default. For the zip file , we don’t need extra installable libraries or something as the system includes by default.

Recently, we can install unrar through brew like this.

brew install unrar

Unfortunately unrar has been removed from homebrew core because of licensing issues.

But don’t worry if you are looking for an alternatives, there is a library called carlocab/personal/unrar and you can install like this.

brew install carlocab/personal/unrar

After installation, we can call unrar in your terminal and it will look like this

and we can simply start using like this.

unrar x filename.rar

Actually, there are other formulae on homebrew-core that also extract various forms of compressed files. Depending on the formats you are working with, you may find that there is already an existing homebrew-core formula that suits your needs.

I will also add a link for your further reference here.

Thanks for reading.








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