Samsung Live Translation feature on AI-powered Galaxy S24

At Samsung’s latest launch event, the company unveiled its innovative Live Translation feature, a noteworthy addition to the AI-powered Galaxy S24 smartphone line. The Live Translation feature aims to enhance the calling experience by enabling users to make or receive calls in languages they do not speak, providing real-time audio and on-screen translations. Demonstrated during the Unpacked event, the technology showcased how users could effortlessly make a restaurant reservation in a foreign language, with the conversation seamlessly translated within the native Call app. This feature creates a personalized interpreter experience, emphasizing the convenience it brings to users.

Samsung’s Vice President of Product Management, Drew Blackard, likened the Live Translation feature to having a personal interpreter during phone calls. The technology is designed to support audio and text translations for up to 13 languages, ensuring a versatile and inclusive communication experience. Notably, all translation processes occur on the device itself, preserving the privacy of Samsung owners’ phone calls.

Image Credit : Samsung

Furthermore, the Live Translation feature is designed to remember users’ language settings and the preferred language of each contact, streamlining communication for those engaging in frequent international calls or travel.

As part of this language-focused enhancement, Samsung is extending translation capabilities to the Samsung keyboard. Users can now directly translate words and phrases as they type, offering a dynamic language translation experience during text-based conversations. The keyboard’s language detection feature ensures a seamless translation process, proving useful not only for international communication but also for users comfortable communicating in their native language, even when conversing with others who speak the same language. This comprehensive language integration showcases Samsung’s commitment to leveraging AI for an improved and more accessible user experience.

Nothing Phone 1

Nothing finally announces its first smartphone, the Nothing Phone 1 by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei. Nothing is said that Phone 1 will be available in more than 40 markets, including the UK, Japan, India, and countries of the Europe.

The Nothing Phone (1) is an Android device with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G + chipset introduced by Qualcomm over a year ago. It has the same power and performance as the regular Snapdragon 778G found on overseas mobile phone models, but the “plus” indicates that it has changed which can customize the chip to allow the phone (1) to be wirelessly and reversely charged.

The screen is a 6.55 inch flexible OLED display with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels and a maximum peak brightness of 1200 knits for very sunny conditions. The screen has an adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz, which matches mid-range devices such as the Samsung Galaxy A535G and flagship products such as the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Phone (1) can be used with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, or 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

It packs its in-display fingerprint sensor, dual stereo speakers, IP53 water resistance, and Face ID-like unlock capabilities with a 4,500mAh battery. With dual cameras: a 50 MP main camera with f/1.88 aperture along with a 50 MP ultra-wide sensor with f/2.2 aperture and macro capabilities. There’s also a 16 MP front-facing camera with an f/2.45 aperture and night shooting capabilities.

The cool thing is there are 900 creatively placed LEDs on the back of the Nothing Phone (1). They are customizable and can help notify you when a particular contact calls or sends a message to your phone.

Actually there are lot of features and the price is affordable which tends to get interest by end users. On the other hand, the maturity and community is still building and the product still might contains bugs and errors.




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Leaks about Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro leaked with some designs. Both devices appear to have a single-hole punched display and a bold industrial design on the back. Both devices appear to have a camera on their back that is a kind of bridge from one side to the other.

For your information, The leaks aren’t straight-up leaked from Google or anything like that, but were created by a third party based on real-life images of the phones.

Image Credit : FRONT PAGE TECH

The Google Pixel 6 Pro appears in this leak in two color combinations. Instead of a white background rear section, this larger Pixel 6 Pro appears with a very light orange background section. The Google Pixel 6 Pro also appears in a color scheme with an off-white bottom and champagne accents.

The Pixel 6 looks smaller and has only two cameras on the back, we wouldn’t be surprised if one of them was a normal wide sensor while the other was an ultra-wide. The Pixel 6 Pro, on the other hand, appears larger and adds a third sensor, hopefully a telephoto lens, though from the looks of these renders it won’t be a periscope type, so can’t expect more than 3x optical magnification.

Hopefully Google will also update the sensors it uses, which are getting kind of old now.

If you are curious about watching a video, here is the link created by FRONT PAGE TECH youtube channel.








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