Samsung Live Translation feature on AI-powered Galaxy S24

At Samsung’s latest launch event, the company unveiled its innovative Live Translation feature, a noteworthy addition to the AI-powered Galaxy S24 smartphone line. The Live Translation feature aims to enhance the calling experience by enabling users to make or receive calls in languages they do not speak, providing real-time audio and on-screen translations. Demonstrated during the Unpacked event, the technology showcased how users could effortlessly make a restaurant reservation in a foreign language, with the conversation seamlessly translated within the native Call app. This feature creates a personalized interpreter experience, emphasizing the convenience it brings to users.

Samsung’s Vice President of Product Management, Drew Blackard, likened the Live Translation feature to having a personal interpreter during phone calls. The technology is designed to support audio and text translations for up to 13 languages, ensuring a versatile and inclusive communication experience. Notably, all translation processes occur on the device itself, preserving the privacy of Samsung owners’ phone calls.

Image Credit : Samsung

Furthermore, the Live Translation feature is designed to remember users’ language settings and the preferred language of each contact, streamlining communication for those engaging in frequent international calls or travel.

As part of this language-focused enhancement, Samsung is extending translation capabilities to the Samsung keyboard. Users can now directly translate words and phrases as they type, offering a dynamic language translation experience during text-based conversations. The keyboard’s language detection feature ensures a seamless translation process, proving useful not only for international communication but also for users comfortable communicating in their native language, even when conversing with others who speak the same language. This comprehensive language integration showcases Samsung’s commitment to leveraging AI for an improved and more accessible user experience.




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