Google’s Duet AI

Gmail’s new AI companion will be able to help you compose your emails. Google announced Duet AI, an AI-powered companion. It is generally available to Workspace users and helps with various tasks such as meetings, documents, and Google Chat.

The company also said Duet AI will allow users to create longer, more personalized emails with just a tap, enhancing Gmail’s existing Smart Reply feature. On both web and mobile, his Gmail users who try Duet AI will now have access to a “Help Me Type” button that offers a variety of typing assistance options.

For example, Duet AI can understand the context of previous emails in a thread to create responses that are relevant to the current conversation, so you can now compose emails using your own words. You can also use AI features to make the tone of your draft emails more formal, or add more detail to your message to refine your drafts.

Image credit : Google

Additionally, Google has added the “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature, a backtrack to Google button that takes you directly to the first search result when you type a query into the Google search box.

In this case, however, the AI offers an “I feel lucky” option that allows you to choose from a wide variety of fun variations in tone and style for the email content you compose.

A similar “Help Me Write” feature is coming to Docs, Google said. With this feature, you can change the tone of your content, summarize sections, add bullet points, elaborate or shorten text, and receive another generated draft if you want. I can. I don’t like the first one (“try again”) etc.




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