Opera’s iOS web browser with an AI companion, Aria

Opera’s web browser app for iOS will come with an artificial intelligence assistant. The company today announced that Opera for iOS will include Aria, a browser-based artificial intelligence product developed in collaboration with OpenAI. Aria integrates directly into your web browser and is free to all users.

This AI solution has so far been released in Opera for desktop and Opera for Android and now has over 1 million users. With the addition of iOS support, Aria is now available for all major platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and now iOS, the company said.

Image Credit : Opera

However, the use of Aria will vary for each individual user. If you want to experience our AI services, you can opt-in and there is no obligation for anyone. In doing so, Aria offers a range of knowledge and smart ideas, along with responsive voice commands. Users must also be signed in to an Opera account to use Aria. If you don’t have an account, you can create one from within the app.

Aria is based on Opera’s own “Composer” infrastructure and connects with OpenAI’s GPT technology. Composer will allow Aria to connect to multiple AI models and, in the future, will extend AI capabilities across search and AI services, including new moves such as Generative AI, which Opera plans to reveal at a later date. is planned to be extended.

Like other AI search partners, Opera on iOS has a chatbot-like interface that lets you ask questions and get answers instead of searching the web for answers.

Opera for iOS is a free download and includes useful features like built-in ad blocking, free VPN, tracking protection, crypto wallets, support for private browsing, and more.




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