new CEO for twitter

Elon Musk says he has found a new CEO for Twitter.

Musk didn’t say who would replace him, but the Wall Street Journal now reports that NBCUniversal communications director Linda Yaccarino is “in talks” for the role. . In a tweet, Musk announced that he would be transitioning from his role as CTO. The new CEO is expected to take over within six weeks.

Image Credit : Reuters

Musk bought the twitter for $44 billion in October last year, after originally proposing an acquisition in April 2022. Once the deal was completed, he took over as CEO and quickly fired former Twitter CEO and other executives. He then laid off half of the staff in November.

Musk has previously said he plans to step down as CEO by the end of 2023 and appoint a new chief executive, saying he will respect the findings of the investigation as to whether he should remain in charge of the company. But so far he has not nominated a candidate.

During his time as CEO, Musk overhauled Twitter’s policies and features, prompting several major advertisers to stop spending on the twitter.

Musk’s decision to appoint Twitter’s new CEO should appease Tesla investors who fear that his time on Twitter is distracting him from his role as CEO of Tesla. Musk will soon step down as CEO of Twitter, but he remains the company’s owner. Musk recently changed the name of Twitter to Company X.





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