Instagram will be rolling out for Quiet Mode function

Instagram announced it is expanding its choice of time management tools with the launch of a new feature called ‘Quiet Mode’. This feature helps users to have a break from the app by silencing incoming notifications, automatically replying to direct messages, and letting friends know they are not using the app by setting their status to ‘Quiet Mode’.

Quiet Mode Gradient
Credit: TechCrunch

Quiet Mode joins a handful of other screen time management tools Instagram now offers, including daily time spent widgets that let people track their app usage and send each other alerts, set “take a break” reminders break” after individual app sessions extend beyond a certain amount of time and various tools to pause, snooze, and unfollow pages, groups, and people to help further reduce engagement with content that is addictive.

The idea is not just a tool that encourages users to take a break. Instead, it focuses on the real-world impacts that accompany trying to step away from an app you use regularly, and where others expect you to be available.

According to Instagram, teens will be prompted to enable the feature when they spend a “certain” amount of time on Instagram at night, but quiet mode will be available to all users.

Quiet Mode will initially be available to users in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Instagram says it hopes to expand to more countries soon.





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