Twitter will be showing view counts your tweets get

Twitter has announced that Tweet view counts are now available on iOS and Android, and will soon be available on the web.

The feature allows you to see how many times someone has seen your or someone else’s tweet.

As you use the app, you will now see a view counter along with the number of comments, retweets and likes. According to Twitter’s FAQ, not all tweets display a view count. Data is not available for Community Tweets, Twitter Circles Tweets, and “Older” Tweets.

When Musk announced the feature on December 1, he hinted that he was trying to make the platform’s text and image posts look like video posts, which already had a public view count. He also said that it’s meant to show how “alive” the platform is, and that just looking at the responses and likes doesn’t give you the complete picture.

Adding more publicly visible information to a social network actually goes against what other companies have been doing recently. Last year, Instagram and Facebook began allowing users to hide the number of likes their posts get, a feature it had been testing for years. Even YouTube, whose public view counts have been a defining feature of the platform, began hiding some information: In 2021, it hid public dislike counts, making it only creators who could see how many people had clicked the button, thumbs down on your videos.





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