Google Wallet

The new Google Wallet app is now available to all customers. The official release of Google Wallet is the latest step in the long history of variations of Google’s payment apps. The company created Google Pay in 2018 by combining Google Wallet and Android Pay.

Currently, Google is announcing the return of its wallet at the Google I / O event in May to create a dedicated home for payment cards, tickets, government IDs, vaccination proofs, and even car keys. Split again. Users can use the app to pay for vendors that use Google Pay.

You can download Google Wallet from the Google Play Store. The user must be running Android 5.2 or later and have a Google account and a valid phone number. From there, you’ll be able to add different cards to your Google Wallet. If you already have your card connected to the Google Play Store or YouTube, your cards will be loaded.

You can also checkout the youtube video here.

Credit: Google





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