Google Hangouts is shutting down

The web giant, Google announced that they will shut down its messaging app Hangouts before it officially shuts down in November.

Mobile app users will see an alert asking them to move their conversation to Google Chat. Google Chat is another online service. It can be accessed via Gmail and its own standalone application. Next month, conversations in the web version of Hangout will be ported to Gmail chat.

Google have been integrating these services into one platform for Gmail users, from Google Chat to Google Docs to Meet. These are also services available for corporate clients like Google Workspace, which supports accounts with personalized email addresses and cloud computing capabilities.

Google Hangouts was designed as a cross-platform instant messaging application for Google+, a currently non-functional social networking platform. In 2013, it became another app but it didn’t get any visible boost compared to alternative apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram.

Google started moving Workspace customers from Hangouts to Meet and Chat in 2020. Gmail users were also asked to migrate last year before Hangout was abolished altogether. Chat will become Google’s leading messaging platform in the future. Google said it will integrate more features, allowing users to make direct calls, start online threads in Spaces, and share and view multiple images.





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