Main differences between Laravel and Lumen Frameworks

Today, I would like to share about main differences between Laravel and Lumen frameworks. Let’s take a look.

Both Laravel and Lumen are developed by Taylor Otwell. But there are some differences.

Laravel is a MVC based full-stack web application framework that provides support for a lot of third-party tools and frameworks. Lumen is a lighter version of the Laravel Framework that is a micro framework used to develop microservices and APIs in high speed and less time.

Laravel has a good documentation whereas Lumen has no clear documentation.

Response time of Laravel is high compared to Lumen.

Lumen has better performance and speed compared to Laravel.

Laravel has own command line interface whereas Lumen is feature-rich micro framework.

Laravel can work on handling event queue and has an efficient template. Lumen can’t work on handling event queue and doesn’t have an efficient template.

Laravel has a huge community compared to Lumen.

This is all for now. Hope you enjoy that.

By Asahi




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