Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – Part 2

Previously , I talked about general knowledge of AI and it’s types , ANI, AGI, ASI which are in Type I group. Today I will talk about Type II AI group. With further research on AI, this form can be further divided into two types, called strong AI and weak AI.

The main reason was to distinguish between the production levels of different types of AI machines.

Strong AI

  • This is a wide range of widespread applications.
  • This form of application has incredible intelligence at the human level.
  • It uses combined action of gathering data to process the information.
  • Example: Advanced robotics
Advanced Robotics in the Factory of the Future
Credit : Boston Consulting

Weak AI

  • This is a small application with a finite scope.
  • This type of AI is useful for some limited tasks.
  • Process information using supervised and unsupervised surveys
  • Example: Siri, Alexa.
Siri に頼めること - Apple サポート 公式サイト
Credit : Apple

Why AI

The reason for artificial intelligence is to support human capabilities and data resolution with widespread consequences. That’s the right answer from a professional point of view. From a philosophical point of view, artificial intelligence can help people lead a more profitable life without working hard.

Of course, there are consequences with the development of AI, but we are still far from such consequences. If you are more interested in artificial intelligence, I suggest that you take an artificial intelligence course to understand the delicacy and skills of today’s artificial consciousness.




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