Laravel Session

Sessions provide a way to store information about the user across multiple requests. Session configuration file is stored at config/session.php. Laravel provide various drivers like file, cookie, database, mechace / redis, dynamodb, array. By default, Laravel is configured to use file session driver.

Interaction with the Session

Retrieving Data

There are two primary ways to access the session data in laravel: the global session helper and via a Request instance. 

To access the session data via HTTP Request, we can use the get() method, which will take one argument, key to get the session data.

When we retrieve an item from the session, we may also pass a default value as the second argument to the get method.

To retrieve all the data in the session, we may use the all method:

To determine if an item is present in the session, we may use the has method:

Pushing To Array Session Value

The push method may use to push a new value onto a session value that is an array.

Retrieving & Deleting An Item

The pull method may used to retrieve and delete an item form the session in a single statement:

If session data contains an integer we may wish to increment or decrement, we may use the increment and decrement methods.

We may wish to store in the session for the next request. We may use the flash method.

To remove a piece of data from the session. We may use forget method.

We may wish to remove multiple keys:

The Global Session Helper

You may also use the global session PHP function to retrieve and store data in the session.

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