Brave Browser

Today I will talk about a trendy browser called brave. Lets check it out.

Barve ?

Brave is a more-or-less standard browser that lets users navigate to websites, run web apps and display or play online content. Like other browsers, it is free to download and use, remembers site authentication information and can block online ads from appearing on sites.

Its maker, Brave Software, is a relatively new entry in the browser battles, having first previewed the browser in January 2016. The firm was co-founded by Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and a co-founder of Mozilla.

Any Differences ?

What sets Brave apart is its aggressive anti-ad attitude. The browser was built to strip online ads from websites and its maker’s business model relies not only on ad blocking, but on replacing the scratched-out ads with advertisements from its own network. It’s as if a new TV network announced it would use technology to remove ads from other networks’ programs, then rebroadcast those programs with ads of its own devising, ads that it sold.

Interesting Fact

Brave is built upon Chromium, the open-source project Google and others maintain. (Google uses Chromium to provide the source code for its Chrome browser.) The back-end technologies that power Chrome – including the Blink rendering engine and the V8 JavaScript engine – also power Brave.

Brave boasts of two things: Its speed and the privacy it provides users. Both result from its ad-stripping strategy.

On the desktop, Brave loads pages twice as fast as Chrome and Firefox. On a smartphone, Brave loads pages up to eight times faster than Chrome (Android) or Safari (iOS).

The speed increases are not surprising. By eliminating ads and ad trackers, Brave downloads much less content from a website than any browser sans an ad blocking extension. There’s nothing technological about Brave’s performance; it’s simply retrieving less data than other browsers. (If that weren’t the case, Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers would be just as fast.)


The foundation of the Brave economy will be “Basic Attention Tokens” or BATs, which have a value derived from a cyber-currency. Those tokens will be awarded based on user attention, or more plainly, time spent viewing ads and content. Brave users who agree to receive ads will be rewarded with BATs. Brave envisions users trading their tokens for premium content or advanced site features.

Download brave here.

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