Google Bard expands capabilities to answer queries about YouTube videos

Google has recently announced a significant enhancement to its Bard AI chatbot, enabling it to provide specific answers to questions related to YouTube videos. While the initial YouTube Extension for Bard, launched in September, allowed users to find specific videos, the latest update empowers the chatbot to respond to queries about the content within videos.

This advancement means users can now engage in richer conversations with Bard, asking detailed questions such as the number of eggs required in a recipe featured in a particular video. Google acknowledges the users’ desire for deeper interaction with YouTube content and aims to fulfill this through Bard’s expanded capabilities.

Image Credit : Google Bard

This development follows YouTube’s recent experimentation with new generative AI features, introducing an AI conversational tool that answers questions about the platform’s content. This tool employs large language models to generate responses, utilizing information from both YouTube and the broader web. Users can now pose questions about the video they are watching, and the AI-driven conversation unfolds in real-time alongside the video playback. Additionally, YouTube has introduced a comments summarizer tool, leveraging generative AI to organize and summarize topics discussed in video comments, providing users with an overview of community discussions.

Coinciding with these updates, Google has expanded access to Bard for teenagers in most countries globally. In a blog post, Google highlighted the potential for teens to use Bard as a tool for inspiration, discovering new hobbies, and solving everyday problems. Whether seeking advice on university applications or exploring leisure activities, teens can now tap into Bard’s capabilities for a wide range of inquiries. This move aligns with Google’s commitment to making Bard a valuable resource for teens across various aspects of their lives.





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