Amazon introduces generative AI tools for sellers

Amazon has introduced new AI tools to help people who sell things on their website. These tools make it easier for sellers to write good descriptions and titles for their products. They can also use AI to add more information to their product listings without starting from scratch.

Amazon made these AI tools using big computer programs that learned from lots of data. They probably used data from their own website to teach these programs. Before, Amazon used other techniques to get information about products, but these new AI tools are a big step forward.

Image Credit : Amazon

Amazon says that these AI tools will save sellers time and help customers find better information about products. But some people are worried because AI can sometimes make up false information, and mistakes might not get noticed unless a human checks the work. Also, if the AI tools make wrong product listings or descriptions, Amazon could be in trouble, especially if they don’t tell customers that AI made them.

In the past, there were reports that Amazon was testing these AI tools. The tools would warn sellers to double-check the content they create to make sure it follows Amazon’s rules. However, Amazon didn’t say exactly how they trained these AI tools.

Amazon is not the only company using AI to help with selling things online. eBay has a similar tool that can make product listings from pictures. Shopify, another company, also has a tool that works like a helper, answering questions and creating content for online businesses.





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