New Google Play Books feature to help kids to read

Google Play Books has added new features aimed at helping new readers improve their vocabulary and comprehension independently. Google announced today that a new feature called “Reading Practice” is now available in the Google Play Books Android app and Google Kids Space in the US. This tool is intended for children from his 0 years old to her 8 years old.

Image Credit : Google

Reading Practice helps early readers track where they are reading by highlighting text as it is read aloud. If your readers don’t know how to pronounce a word, they can touch it to hear how it sounds. If you need more help and want to pronounce a word, you can listen to the word broken down by syllables.

Image Credit : Google

With this feature, you can listen to complete sentences and get child-friendly word definitions, giving your child more context about the story you’re reading. Readers can also tap any word to update their position in the book and start tracking from there. At the bottom of the page, you have the option to practice words that the reader has missed or mispronounced.

You can check out the original blog from google here.





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