Hey, GitHub

GitHub, owned by Microsoft, is experimenting with a new voice-based dialogue system for Copilot software. “Hello, GitHub!” Let programmers code without keyboards, just with their voice.

The new experiment will be available in Copilot, a $10/month AI tool GitHub released earlier this year to help developers code. Copilot suggests lines of code to the developer within the code editor, and can suggest the next line of code when the developer writes in an integrated development environment (IDE) such as Visual Studio Code, Neovim, or JetBrains IDE. Copilot can even suggest complete methods and complex algorithms along with boilerplate code to help with unit testing.

Credit: Githubnext

Adding voice coding is especially useful in accessibility scenarios. He can ask Copilot to do things like move to another line of code, or just use his voice to move to a method or block. You can also control Visual Studio Code with commands like “run program” and “toggle zen mode”. You can also request a code overview if you want an overview of how the code works.

This new voice system is being developed by GitHub Next, a team of researchers and engineers “investigating the future of software development.” There’s no guarantee it will eventually be released as a full product.

You can learn more about Hey Github here.





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