7 Django Packages Developers Should Know

Today, I would like to share about 7 Django packages that developers should know. Let’s take a look.

1. Django REST framework

It is to build any HTTP-based REST API, providing powerful and flexible tools as well as impressive usability, authentication policies, serialization, and extensive documentation.

2. Django GUID

It is a library enabling matching a single HTTP request with all messages coming from logs. Django GUID is WSGI-supported and also ASGI-supported.

3. Django Debug Toolbar

It is a toolbar that helps debug a Django application in the browser, offering many built-in as well as third-party panels. It works on Django versions 2.2, 3.0, and 3.1.

4. Sentry

It is a service meant to monitor a running application and errors that occur when it’s working.

5. Graphene-Django

It’s about making Django data available through an interface based on GraphQL. Some tips on how to add GraphQL functionality to a Django project may be found here.

6. Django Channels

WebSocket async support in Django, available via several locations. User-friendly, flexible, allowing for customizability.

7. Django-baton

A handy, cutting-edge, responsive, and user-friendly interface for a Django admin, based on Bootstrap 5. It was created with Python, JavaScript, SCSS, HTML, and some other languages.

This is all for now. Hope you enjoy that.

By Asahi




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