Low-Code Development Technology

Low code is a software development approach that requires little or no coding to create applications and softwares.

Instead of using a complex programming language, you can use a visual interface with basic logic and drag-and-drop capabilities on your low-code development platform.

Users with no advanced coding or software writing skills can use these intuitive techniques to create software for a variety of purposes, including mobile and business application creation.

These platforms are gaining popularity as a quick and easy alternative to traditional software development. The low-code framework can be used by engineers and “citizen developers” (non-professional developers) to build applications.

Low-code development

Instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming, the low-code development framework provides a programming environment for building software applications through a graphical user interface and configuration.

The low-code authoring framework allows users to embed building blocks in workflows and applications. These building blocks abstract the code behind actions and commands, allowing to build business interfaces and applications without having to manually code them.

Drag and drop functionality is available on popular lowcode platforms. This is one of the most important and valuable features that facilitates the manufacturing process. The drag-and-drop convenience provided during app development supports both civil and technical developers.


Insecure low-code tools, no matter how convenient and easy to use, are not a good solution. Before you start using the low-code development framework, make sure you have enough protection to protect the app you are building and the entire platform.

There are still many factors to talk about but let me wrap up here for today. I will talk a bit more in future.





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