Interesting APIs for your dummy data

Sometimes, we need dummy data to add in our projects before the production or you just want to create a fun project with some fun data. Today I will share some interesting data resources , also APIs you can try.

Movies API

The API service is intended for anyone interested in using images and data from movies, TV shows, and actors in their applications. Our API is a system provided by you and your team to acquire and use data and images programmatically.

API : API Overview — The Movie Database (TMDB) (

Meals API

The meal API allows you to access random food data and use it in your application. This API includes all meal categories including images, materials, videos, country of each meal and many other features.


Jokes API

The random jokes API allows you to fetch random jokes data in an easy way using Fetch, Ajax XHR and etc.

API : icanhazdadjoke

Unsplash API

Unsplash is a website that hosts “beautiful and free images and photos that you can download and use for any project.” You can use that API to fetch photos from Unsplash. You can use the Unsplash API to create an application with a background that changes to a random image at different times of the day.

API : Unsplash Image API | Free HD Photo API

Marvel API

The Marvel Comics API gives developers access to information about Marvel’s vast comic library from anywhere.

API : Marvel Developer Portal

I am sure there are other interesting APIs around the world but that is all from me now. Enjoy the data.





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