Rare HTML tags you mightn’t notice

Today I will talk about some html tags which are not very well-known but of course they are so useful if you know them. So lets get started.

<s> tag

S tag similar to the line-through value of a text decoration CSS property. This is very useful when you need to represent content that is no longer relevant or valid.

Price - <s>100</s>
<p>Discount Price - 70<p>

<ruby>, <rt>, and <rp> tags

The Ruby <ruby> HTML element represents small annotations that are rendered above, below, or next to base text, usually used for showing the pronunciation of East Asian characters.

The HTML Ruby fallback bracket () element is used to provide fallback brackets to browsers that do not support the display of ruby annotations using the element.

  お休み <rp>(</rp><rt>Oyasumi</rt><rp>)</rp>

<detail> Tag

This tag is used to specify additional details that the user can show or hide on click.


<abbr> tag

The tag displays the full meaning of the abbreviation when the user hovers the cursor over the abbreviation.

<p>My name is <abbr title="Hlaing Tin Htun">Hlaing</abbr> </p>

Well , there are some other interesting tags you probably don’t know yet. Discovering them might be very useful in our daily works relating with creating HTML elements.





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