Magic methods in PHP – Part 2

I will continue to talk about magic methods article I wrote last week. For the part 1, you can read here.


The magic __toString () method allows you to define what you would like to display when an object of the class is treated as a string. If you use echo or print on your object, and you haven’t defined the __toString () method, it will give an error.


If the __get () and __set () methods are called for non-existent properties, the __call () method is called when trying to invoke inaccessible methods, the methods that have not been defined in your class.


The magic __isset () method is called when you call the isset () method on inaccessible or non-existent object properties. Let’s see how it works with an example.


The magic __invoke () method is a special method that is called when you try to call an object as if it were a function. the $student object is treated as if it were a function, and since we have defined the __invoke () method, it will be called instead of giving you an error. The main purpose of the __invoke () method is that if you want to treat your objects as callable, you can implement this method.

There are still some magic methods in PHP but let me stop here as I had written most used methods in article part 1 and part 2. If you are interest for more, you can check it out in PHP official documentation.





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