How Programming Works

Today I will give you an abstraction about how programming works.

The computer only understands the instructions in machine language code.

But it is more difficult to write a program in machine language code.

So, we have to write programs in higher level languages such as Java, PHP, Python and etc. But we cannot execute this source code (high level language code) directly on the computer.

Therefore, we must convert them into machine language code to be able to understand for computers. We need some special translators that are programs written basically in machine language code.

And these translators are called language processors.

There are 3 types of language processors.


It is used for higher level language.

Read and run the entire program at once and then throw errors if one occurs.

The top-level languages that compilers use is: C, C ++, C #, Java etc.


It is used for assembly level language (mnemonic codes).

Read the assembly level language instructions for the given entry.


It is used for higher level language.

Read and execute the source code line by line and throw an error after each line if one occurs.

The top-level languages that use interpreters are VB Script, Python, Perl etc.

Now you will have a general understanding of how programming works.

By Yuuma.




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