Portkey’s AI Gateway for Effortless AI Development

In the intricate world of AI development, managing diverse models has been a persistent challenge. Portkey’s AI Gateway, an open-source solution, tackles this complexity head-on, offering a streamlined approach for developers working with over 100 models. Let’s take a look.

Unified API for Simplified Interactions

Portkey’s AI Gateway serves as the bridge between applications and Language Model Models (LLMs). It excels in simplifying API requests to various providers like OpenAI, Anthropic, Mistral, and more, providing a unified API that eliminates the hassle of dealing with different signatures.

Smart Load Balancing for Optimal Performance

A standout feature is its ability to distribute requests across multiple API keys and providers seamlessly, ensuring optimal performance and a smoother workflow without bottlenecks.

Robust Error Handling for Enhanced Reliability

Portkey’s AI Gateway gracefully handles errors through fallbacks and automatic retries. In case of failure with a specific provider or model, it seamlessly shifts to alternatives, enhancing overall system resilience.

Customizable Middleware Functions for Tailored Solutions

For added flexibility, developers can incorporate custom middleware functions, tailoring adjustments to meet specific application requirements.

Proven Reliability in Real-World Scenarios

Tested rigorously with over 100 billion tokens in real-world scenarios, Portkey’s AI Gateway brings practical reliability to large-scale AI applications.

Broad Language, Provider, and Framework Support

Currently supported languages include Javascript, Python, Go, Java, Rust, and Ruby. Providers range from OpenAI, Anthropic, Azure OpenAI to Google Palm, Together AI, and more. Portkey’s AI Gateway also supports frameworks like Langchain and Llamaindex, providing a comprehensive environment for diverse development needs.


Portkey’s AI Gateway emerges as an efficient solution for developers navigating the complexities of diverse AI models. With its universal API, load balancing, error handling, and customization options, it sets the stage for a streamlined and resilient AI development process. Explore Portkey’s AI Gateway features on GitHub and let Portkey’s AI Gateway guide you into the future of large-scale AI development.

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