Google is releasing generative AI capabilities

Google is introducing generative AI capabilities to its popular Google Photos app through the release of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. Initially revealed at Google’s I/O developer conference in May, this feature enables more advanced photo edits, such as filling in gaps, repositioning subjects, and adjusting the foreground or background of images. Previously, achieving these effects required external tools like Google’s Magic Eraser or professional software like Photoshop, involving more manual effort.

Image Credit: Google

Using generative AI, Google Photos allows users to perform complex edits like resizing or repositioning subjects with ease. Users can tap on the object they wish to edit, drag it to move or pinch to resize, and make contextual adjustments to lighting and background. Magic Editor also offers multiple output options for user preference. However, Google acknowledges that the feature is in its early stages and may not always produce the desired results but hopes to improve it with user feedback and technological advancements.

The real-world testing of Magic Editor is imminent, and Google Photos users, especially those on the newer Pixel devices, will have the opportunity to try it out. With 1.7 billion photo edits made by Google Photos users monthly, the potential for learning and improvement is significant. This feature is part of a broader set of AI-powered photo-editing tools for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, including Best Take, Zoom Enhance, and enhancements to Magic Eraser, which will be available on Pixel 8 devices starting October 12.





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