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Himeji Castle - Japanese Castles

Learn about Himeji Castle through this collection of photos taken by a professional castle cameraman. Points of interest can be checked on a map linked to the photos. Inside Himeji Castle, use the app as your personal navigator to the castle.

Walking in Himeji Castle
90 Must See Points

Find 90 must see points for castle fans. You can also see how the main keep used to look before the restoration began. You can see the way the castle keep used to be even in the restoration period of the main keep.

Virtual Guide

Use this inside the castle as a virtual guide to see information about specific points when viewed through the camera.

* Some ares of the castle are restricted due to restoration of the main keep.

Renovation of Himeji Castle Main Keep

Looking up the main keep

Examine the main keep of Himeji Castle by moving your iPhone up and down or right to left. Experience the scale on this lofty keep.

Photo Library

Photographs capturing the majestic figure of Himeji Castle. Tap the map button to show the shooting location of photos you are interested in linked from the function "Walking in Himeji Castle". The collection includes some photos from special exhibitions.

Photo by Yasuyuki Oka.
(Japanese Castles - Oshiro Meguri Fan)

Himeji Castle
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